Sunday, March 21, 2021

The Artist Educator in the Classroom

 The Artist Educator in the Classroom

Finding theatre moments in our everyday teaching practice

By Alex Garcia

 I feel blessed every day that I work with a staff that meets the standards of a traditional public school, but have a love for the aesthetics, music, pop culture and unique methods of delivering instruction. My Principal, at the time, always told us that she is willing to listen to any ideas if the idea was mainly focused on the students. My administration has always been open to the arts and putting on performances every year for the students and the community. If we meet our goals, respect due dates, and stay mindful of traditional public-school requirements, we have always been invited to find theatre moments in our everyday teaching practice. I find it interesting that finding these theatre moments will always be unique because of the infinite possibilities of student-teacher relationships.

My goal is to continue to discover myself, fine tune my artistry, and improve my music while helping my students do the same for themselves. Wherever that may lead me is a choice I leave to the best version of myself today and tomorrow, in and out of the classroom.

The video below is a Vlog I composed that further explains why I teach and how helping young minds grow and develop has helped me grow and develop.
“Why I Love Teaching”

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