Monday, September 21, 2015

Welcome to the 2015-2016 school year!

Welcome to the 2015-2016 school year! 
Elizabeth Harvey

I am so excited to be back, seeing classmates, friends, and getting to know the new cohort.
My name is Elizabeth Harvey, and I am one of the Educational Theatre Club officers. I am stream A and starting my second year in the program. I spent my Summer traveling, working, running all over NYC trying to soak up every bit of Summer, and taking classes (devising and integrating, both of which I loved), and I am excited to be back working with some amazing people. 

As an Ed Theatre Club officer I am fortunate to be working alongside Patrick Mcgee, Kimberly Cecotti, Meredith Smart, Jeff Seabaugh, and Brigitte Loftis. I think I can speak for all of the officers when I say that we are so excited for this school year and look forward to a lot of fun events.

The first event which occurred just a couple weeks ago was the ice cream social. This event gave us a chance to get to know the new cohort. Though I don't know many of the new students well yet, they all seemed so excited about being in the program and they come across as passionate about their graduate school endeavor. I am excited to get to know them better as the semester continues.

There are a lot of great events planned for this semester, both by the club and by the department. I would love to give you some highlights of what's coming up!

Guest Speakers: There are three great guest speakers coming to talk with Educational Theatre students this semester: Jeff Poulin who is the Arts Education Program Coordinator for Americans, Nilaja Sun who is the author of No Child,and Amanda Gronich from the Tectonic Theatre Project.

I can tell you I went to several events like these last year and they were amazing. Each guest speaker gives us amazing insights on working in the educational theatre field and I found myself motivated to work even harder after listening to guest speakers.

The Educational Theatre Club is planning a Trivial Night on October 28th. While details are still being worked out I can tell you there will be a Halloween theme (costumes encouraged) and it is a fun way to get to know each other outside of the classroom. I attended trivia night last year as a new student to the program and had a blast getting to know everyone.  

And of course there is the event that we all look forward to each Fall semester: the performance at PS 161. This year the students at PS 161 will be performing in The Lion King JrIt is an amazing experience whether you are working on the show or in the audience, and I hope that everyone can make it out to support the talented students of PS 161!

Whether you are brand new to the program or a returning student I hope you will join us for some amazing events!
Also, don't be afraid to show your program pride! Educational Theatre program merchandise can be found here:

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