Sunday, April 22, 2012

Dear Diary by Mollie Lief

by Mollie Lief

In an effort to both raise money for the Ed Theatre program last fall and take advantage of the immense talent among our candidates, a group of us devised a show called DEAR DIARY. Inspired by a real moment from childhood or adolescence, each actor created a mini theater piece that brought to life a diary entry. For some – like Abby Shuppy and Marissa Porto – the entries were real, discovered in parents’ attics or under beds; for others, performance pieces were spawned from memories or unfulfilled wishes, as was the case with Sobha Paredes, who sang a tear-inducing “Tomorrow” as Annie.
            Most of the candidates performed songs (accompanied by musical director, Laura Mulholland) that ran the gamut from Maurice Chevalier’s “Mimi” (Ben Posner) to Rob Dunn’s Elvis/Les Miserables number to Jeff Bance doing, well, Jeff Bance. Christine Gonzalez-DeJohn and Jessica Rosa both performed songs they love and that represented an exciting moment in their adolescence, while others, like Carrie Edelman Isaacman and Jonah LeDoux, performed monologues.
Before the show, audience members were invited to fill out a form asking for specific childhood memories (“When was the first time you felt artistic?”), which were then shared as interstitials by Lloyd Woodcock, whose anthropomorphic portrayal of the omniscient “The Diary” bound it all together. As a reminder to be inspired by who we once were and why we got into theater in the first place, The Diary assures us at the end of the show, “Those moments that once made you feel inspired or ashamed, artistic or happy, will be right here. In crayon. Where you left them.”

Co-Produced by Marissa Porto, Mollie Lief, and the CCNY Ed Theatre Department
Directed by Mollie Lief
Musical Directed by Laura Mulholland
Devised by Jeff Bance, Christine Gonzalez-DeJohn, Rob Dunn, Carrie Edel Isaacman, Jonah LeDoux, Mollie Lief, Sobha Paredes, Marissa Porto, Benjamin Posner, Jessica Rosa, Abby Shuppy, and Lloyd Woodcock.

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